In difficult and emotional times it can be hard to find the right or most fitting words to apply to a situation. With that in mind it can be extremely difficult to honour the memory of someone in a few words on a plaque for a bench. What do you write? Will it be enough, too much? 

In fact, engraved memorial benches are somewhat of a headache simply for trying to find the right words. We understand how difficult this might be and we often recommend families and those choosing the bench try and think back to something maybe those they are honouring used to say all the time. A phrase or a sentence that reminds them of that person. Similarly we also suggest maybe any favourite songs the person may have had, sometimes lyrics from these can leave a lasting, personalised touch. 

Others however, simply choose standard words that have a personal meaning to them. Below are some examples of memorial bench engravings that we regularly use for our benches. 

I will always miss you With every passing day The longing just to see you Will never go away 

I play the notes as they are written But it is God who makes the music 

It’s lonely now without you We miss you more each day For life is not the same for us Since you were called away 

In life we loved you dearly, In death we love you still In our hearts you hold a place That nobody else could fill 

The only way to live is to accept each minute As it really is - an unrepeatable moment Take your time and sit for a moment A moment that is unrepeatable. 

Take some time to sit and think Life could be gone when the eye does blink This bench is in memory of someone in our heart Who’s life in heaven had to start. 

Those whom we love don’t go away They walk beside us every single day Unseen, unheard but always near Still loved, still missed and with us here 

If tears could make a staircase And heartaches make a lane We would walk the path to heaven And bring you to earth again 

When tomorrow starts without me Do not think we are far apart For every time you think of me I am right there in your heart 

Come rain or shine I will be right here Letting you know that I am near Unseen, unheard but sitting with you Until you no longer will feel so blue.

Cannot quite find what you are looking for? Do not panic, we have a whole page full of other memorial quotes and phrases

Whatever the inscription or engraved memorial bench we are certain it will hold a lasting place in your heart, and provide a brilliant place for memories to be shared and stories to be told.