As an avid walker it is quite often that we will visit local woodlands, parks and nature reserves amongst other walking destinations and along the way we can always guarantee we will come across a memorial bench of some kind. Whilst we might take some time to sit down, rest and to have a drink or maybe even something to eat there is always something that triggers our inner curiosity and sparks a conversation or even a thought as to whom the bench is there to remember. We cannot help ourselves but to read the plaques, the names, the ages and any quotations that are in place and without second thought we plunge ourselves into commenting as to what the person was like, how old they were and whether it’s a tragedy or just old age which has brought their life on earth to an end.

The bench instantly becomes more than just a bench in the park, a bench in the woodland or wherever we happen to be. Maybe the person shares the same name, age or some detail of someone close to ourselves but whatever the reason in that moment we take a second to stop, to remember. All that is from a complete stranger. Imagine how many people in a single day take the time to stop, to relate and to remember. It invokes a feeling inside of us and we too begin to think about not only our lives but the lives of those around us. Imagine now being a family member visiting the bench of a loved one and not knowing how many strangers have stopped and sat and taken a moment to remember.

Memorial Park Bench

It is a very sobering and emotional thought but when people ask us why a bench? How can a memorial bench be used to remember someone we loved. Well that is because it is so much more than a resting place, a place to sit. It becomes a place to remember not just for the family but for others too and therefore that loved one you have lost still has an impact today from heaven on those of us on earth.
The resting bench, where people remember. Speak to a member of our team today and see how we can help you source a bench for your loved one, a suitable location and everything you need to get it successfully installed so that it can be enjoyed by so many more.

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