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Fully Assembled, Personalised Teak Memorial Benches Since 2001
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Memorial Bench Care | Teak Cleaning and Restoring

Your new Teak Memorial Bench will be delivered assembled, fine sanded and ready to use. In the warmer months we apply small amounts of PVA glue to the arms and tops of the bench frame to reduce end grain movement. This will naturally disappear over time or it can be removed with some fine sanding. The high levels of natural rubber and silica found in our high grade Teak allows the furniture to sit outdoors all year round without rotting or moving.

We recommend NOT treating your Teak Memorial Bench. Simply put it in situ, leave and expect a life time of use.

Over time, your Teak Memorial Bench will turn a graceful silver colour. This is purely superficial and presents no long term structural damage.

Why does Teak turn silver? It is nature's way of protecting itself. When bare Teak timber is exposed to the elements, it oxidises and forms a layer to protect itself. This layer can be gently sanded back or chemically cleaned to reveal the unprotected, bare Teak timber beneath. We sell a gentle Gentle Teak Bench Cleaner which will clean most dirt, algae and silver from your Memorial bench.

Never apply oils to a bench that is either damp, dirty or silver due to ageing,

Your bench will turn black!


Click on the video below to see how to quickly clean a Memorial Bench that has algae, lichen and general build up of dirt over the years


Our memorial benches are delivered fully assembled & ready to enjoy within a matter of days on mainland UK