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Fully Assembled, Personalised Teak Memorial Benches Since 2001
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Bench Quality & Information

Highest Quality Memorial Benches | Traditionally Joined | Bespoke Engravings | 10 Year Guarantee

We have been supplying our customers nationwide with the highest quality Teak Memorial Benches for nearly 20 years. All our Benches are constructed from solid Teak, accepted in the industry as the most durable wood for outdoor use. Please be aware that many internet Memorial Bench websites substitute Teak for cheaper woods such as Iroko, Oak, Pine, Eucalyptus and Mahogany. The plantation Teak wood that we source has been dried and manufactured to our high exacting standards.

We always ship our Memorial Benches to England in component form so we can guarantee our quality and offer you a 10 year guarantee. Our UK joiners only use strong Polyurethane glues and Teak dowels to fix fully machined joints to ensure rigidity and strength. As we source high quality teak rich in silica and rubber, we do not need to apply any type of finish to our Benches. The furniture you receive is simply fine sanded. We expect our Memorial Benches to have a lifetime of use.

Bench Quality & Information