A popular destination for our memorial Benches are church grounds. Here family, relatives and friends can sit in comfort with their loved ones. Before ordering from Memorial Benches UK, we suggest speaking to the local church vicar and obtaining the permissions.

buying-an-engraved-teak-wooden-memorial-bench-for-a-churchThis can be a lengthy process but in the mean time, we can help you choose the most appropriate Bench and start designing it for you. When you get the green light, we can arrange delivery directly to Church grounds ready for the ceremony or unveiling. Our memorial benches are ideally suited for outdoor use as they are constructed form solid Teak wood which has naturally high levels of oil and silica which means your bench will not rot or warp. Maintenance is very low and we recommend cleaning your bench once a year in the spring with a bucket of warm soapy water and a strong plastic scrubbing brush.